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A Lil' Extra Sugar!

Give Mama a Lil' Extra Sugar!

  • When you join the Kristina Michelle Jewelry VIPs, you'll receive a FREE GIFT with your order. 
  • This offer is valid for those who are VIPs and who order from now until May 8th, 2018.
  • At checkout, be sure to "Add a note to your order" and let us know which one you'd like.
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  • You'll be able to choose between the Quiver Earrings [ brown or black], or the Papilio Bracelet.

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  • I was in a shop and had my Nautilus earrings on for the first time. It was seconds before someone commented on them asking where I got them. A few minutes later, another passerby stopped me to ask the same question! Kristina Michelle your jewelry truly is remarkable!

    Toni-Michelle Rubio

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