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Our Scholarship Fund

The skills a person hones in college have long-reaching effects. I've always had a desire to help young people who have barriers to education and I'm sure this stems from the experiences I've had facing my own barriers.

I'm a second-generation Latin American with family members from Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. As a teenager, my elders had high educational expectations but little resources to offer me. This was due to their general lack of experience because they themselves had not gone to college. Thankfully an aunt of mine was able to mentor me. She encouraged me to apply to colleges and helped me understand the process.

My hurdles, however, extended beyond the logistical sort. For myself, and for many others, the financial barriers are the most challenging part of getting a higher education. I received multiple scholarships that helped me finish my education and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.

I worked my ass off and got into UC Berkeley and I recall initially being so emotional in class that I would secretly shed tears of joy that I was given this opportunity to further my education. I've been waiting for an opportunity to pay it forward to other college-bound women who are needing help, and I've dreamed of a time in the future where I would be able to help someone else fulfill their educational dreams. That time has finally come.

I'm so excited to announce that KMJ is donating 10% of every sale to our scholarship fund for women from underrepresented communities!  When women are empowered, communities are empowered and the whole world benefits!

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In addition to our scholarship fund, we'll be perpetually exploring new ways to support women in education. So, if you'd like to know about the latest news on this topic, be sure to become a member of the KMJ VIP Program. 

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