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The Secret Power of Your Dollar

(Earth Day 2018)

Impact of Our Choices

It’s no secret that fast fashion is toxic to our environment. We've got to take matters into our own hands! This means letting our dollars speak through the choices we make as consumers.

What Can We Do to Lessen Our Impact?

How can we make a difference? Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can encompass many facets of our lives and these days, it's relatively easy to do. When you research who makes the things you buy, you’re empowered to make better choices. And, when you support brands with your hard earned dollars, you send a clear message to the market. So, use your smarts and let's support each other in learning about, and buying from brands who produce ethical fashion.

What Does Kristina Michelle Jewelry Do to Decrease Environmental Impacts?

We produce slo-o-ow fashion. “Slow fashion . . . is made up of high-quality materials usually with timeless designs that can be worn year-round and never go out of style.” - Slow Fashion, Wikipedia

We manufacture our entire line on-site and we purchase supplies made from recycled materials. That's right!

The steps involved in making handmade and handcrafted jewelry reduce the number of contaminants (read: POISON) released into our precious environment because the pieces at KM Jewelry aren’t mass produced. We also design and manufacture our branded display cards in-house. We buy the raw recycled material in bulk and take it from there.

And, just recently, our brass sheet metal supplier ensured us there's about 88% recycled material in their sheet metal and, it’s milled right here in the US. That makes us very, very happy.

Rest assured that we’ll continue to find more ways we can reduce our environmental impact as we grow.


Check out a few recently published articles about the effects of fast fashion. These articles focus on the apparel industry but I they apply to the jewelry industry as well. My favorite tidbit is from a Forbes article “Our money is what makes the fashion world go round. By disrupting the status quo, we have the power to change things. When we buy better we send market signals to change the system for good - Ayesha Barenblat.” Here’s another great article - The Environmental Costs of Fast Fashion.

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