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It Was an Accident

The Story Behind the Collection

Way back in 2011 I created my best-selling design, the Nautilus leather earrings. The design happened by accident. I was originally designing a necklace but the piece didn't turn out how I thought it would. I ended up playing with that piece of leather.

I remember holding it in my hands and bending and folding it and playing with the shape when my husband and I both looked at the material and said Wow! this is cool! When it's wet, it has this great malleable and sculptural quality that's really fun to play with.

With that piece of leather in mind, I made some revisions to the design. I remember giving my first prototype to a good friend of mine who shortly after reported back to me and told me about all the people who'd stopped her to ask her about the earrings she was wearing. I knew I was onto something. 

This piece was the piece that inspired me to create a leather jewelry collection. I really love the three-dimensionality of the Nautilus design and subsequently designed the Nautilus Petite leather earrings and the Nautilus Leather Bangle that would complement it. The other three-dimensional designs in this collection are the Mosaic Diamond Earrings and the Mosaic Circle Earrings.

In this collection, I also decided to layer different kinds of leather and different colors as well. I really love the depth that these combinations add to many of the pieces, making them truly dynamic.

The collection includes an assortment of leather necklaces, chokers, earrings and bracelets that are distinguished by their fluidity, three-dimensionality, and layered qualities. I hope they help you express who you are!

Strap and Strand Collection


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