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This Is a Must Have!

Hands up!

Who's addicted to their black clothing? This girl is, ✋ right here! I'm addicted to the stuff. I have a few token colorful-ish items (I swear I do) but I've got to be honest - as I sit here writing this I'm laughing at myself as I look down at what I've got on today . . . black shirt, patterned leggings with black as the main theme (there's a little magenta 😋), leather black knee-high boots, and to top it off, a black slouch beanie. 

Accessorize Your BLACK

One of my favorite ways of making a statement and making my treasured black garments POP are with bomb accessories. Take a look at these simple and striking ways to wear my new favorite, the new Papilio Licio Suede Choker. Pair it with a few simple pieces you probably already have in your closet. 

Papilio Licio Style Guide | Kristina Michelle Jewelry
  1. Simple black top - sexy time for your shoulders! It lets your accessories do the talking! Wear it with a pair of your favorite jeans and you're set.
  2. Papilio Licio Suede Choker - there's something about this little lacy bow choker that adds a bit of sexiness to your outfit AND the soft suede is so comfy against your skin. Don't be shy - you know you can rock this!
  3. Simple black dress - style the Papilio Licio Choker together with a simple black dress. BAM! Easy peasy!
  4. Sunglasses - because your future's so bright!
  5. Black heels - these easily complement the Papilio Licio Choker and a pair of jeans, or your favorite little black dress.

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