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Meet Kristina

Distinctive. Timeless. Polished.

These are the elements that drive your aesthetic and sense of style. It’s through the Kristina Michelle Jewelry brand and through the medium of the KMJ collections that I strive to employ these trademark principles. My line embodies a sense of power and vitality; meant for the woman who is looking for a piece of artisan jewelry that's going to give her that edge she's looking for. I'm so happy to have you here. Please click on the button below to check out our latest collection. 

Kristina Michelle Banwell CEO


Kristina Michelle Banwell

Her Story

Over the years, my design inspiration has drawn from many sources. As a native New Yorker, I am moved by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements and details that are so evident there. I grew up surrounded by bold geometric forms, modernist style, and refined craftsmanship. And then, as I ventured out into the world, my travel and explorations into the cultures of India, Europe, Latin America and Asia shaped my aesthetic appreciation as well.

Like many young girls, my first piece of jewelry was one of those quintessential friendship bracelets. Then, in college, I frequently dove into my little box of art supplies, where I found respite in crafting much more detailed jewelry and accessories for family and friends. By graduation, I was ready to spread my wings.

As I worked with new materials and techniques, I developed innovative ways to integrate “handcrafted” and “high-tech.” My first retail collection featured my wooden and leather jewelry. Shortly after, my work with another jeweler sparked my love for metalsmithing and the techniques used to transform raw metal and stones into refined, artistic jewelry.