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Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide you with the best service imaginable! 

Our customers are the ones who keep us going and our goal is to give you the best, personalized service. If there is anything you need that we aren’t providing, please let us know by filling out the form on the Contact page. You’ll find some answers to the most common questions on the FAQ page.

We make careful decisions to lessen our environmental impact.

How do we do this? By manufacturing on-site and by purchasing supplies made from recycled materials.

The steps involved in making handmade and handcrafted jewelry reduce the number of contaminants released into our precious environment because our pieces aren’t mass produced. We also design and manufacture our branded display cards in-house. We buy the raw recycled material in bulk and take it from there.

Recently, our brass sheet metal supplier informed us their metals are milled right here in the US. There's about 88% recycled material in their sheet metal and that makes us very happy.

We infuse each KMJ piece with the care and attention you’ll only find in handcrafted, handmade jewelry.

We are passionate about education and our goal is to help as many young women as we can through our scholarship fund.

We aim to help clear the path for those who face the most challenges getting access to educational opportunities. Currently, we are doing this by setting aside 10% of each sale to the KMJ scholarship fund for young girls from vulnerable communities. Our scholarship fund begins with YOU! How’s this? Because with every purchase you make in our store, you're helping a young woman get access to educational opportunities helping her to meet her educational goals and desires. Feel amazing while wearing a piece of KM jewelry + PLUS + participate in a micro-philanthropic action = DOUBLE WIN! 

Click here to learn more about our scholarship fund.

We do our very best to support those businesses who share our entrepreneurial spirit.

That means purchasing our supplies from as many US-owned small, and family-run businesses possible. Currently, we purchase all of our leather and sheet metal from small, family-owned businesses.

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